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Welcome to The Vision Project!!!

Welcome to all who are so very frustrated with feeling sick, tired, & not able to do the things you really want to do … there might possibly be a better way!!! 
See below: Is It Possible We Do Not Have To Be Sick? ©


Welcome to all who feel so very frustrated with the current factory farming & industrial agriculture food system, who know there has to be a better way, but feel powerless to affect change … together there might possibly be a better way!!!  
See below: The Seven Strategies

 The Vision Project Logo  Designed by Laine Wheatley

When People Support and Nourish the Earth,
The Earth Provides an Abundant & Rich Bounty of *Real *Nourishing *Foods,
Which leads to Vibrant Health & Aliveness,
Which in turn Supports the People to Live their Life! Dreams! & Visions!


The Vision Project is a Food Movement Advocacy group providing:

  • Lifelines of Hope to those who are sick,
  • A Sanctuary of Support for “Real Food” growers, producers, advocates, & health care providers.

 In addition, we are gathering together an Unstoppable Force to Change how Food is Grown, Produced and Sold so that all food supports Our Vibrant Health & Aliveness! 


At The Vision Project it is Our Goal, Our Dream & Our Vision that ALL Peopleshave:

          **Reclaimed Their *Real *Nourishing *Foods2

          **Regained Their Full Vibrant Health & Aliveness, &

          **Reclaimed Their Lives, Dreams & Visions!

1All peoples refers to all people currently eating “Modern Foods” or “The Standard American Diet (SAD)”.

2 The * in front of *Real *Nourishing *Foods is terminology we are using to differentiate the foods similar to those raised and grown & processed before mid 1800’s that were grown in soil fertilized by compost and animal manure (from animals that ranged and grazed on grasses) with natural pesticides and herbicides and prepared with minimal processing retaining the original nutrients, without processing with high heat and high pressures, and without added chemicals as coloring, flavoring or for any other purpose, from the “Modern Foods” that are commonly found in most of our grocery stores and most of our restaurants today.


 The Seven Strategies for Change

We believe that our Seven Strategies will exponentially increase the Shift that is already occurring towards *Real *Foods and Real Health & that we can have an Impact & can make a Difference!!!

  • “Connect the Dots ” that Our Vibrant Health & Aliveness is Intricately Connected to Our Eating *Real *Nourishing, Sustainably Grown, Humanely Raised, Healthy Whole *Foods;

  • “Significantly Increasing Awareness of What Real Food is & Isn’t”;

  • “Paradigm Shift” where We Stop Normalizing Chronic Disease & Illness & Start Normalizing Vibrant Health & Aliveness;

  • “Train the Giants” We are Not Properly Training The Industrial Food Complex.  We Can Do Better.;

  • “Support for ‘Real Food’ Providers, Food Movement Advocates & Health Care Practitioners”;

  • “Hold the Vision” that All Peoples Have Reclaimed Their Real Nourishing Foods, Regained Their Full Vibrant Health & Aliveness & Reclaimed Their Lives, Dreams & Visions.

  • “Strategize At both Grass Roots & the Highest Levels of the Food Movement”.

For more go to: The Seven Strategies

Won’t You Join Us in becoming
Strong by March 2018



Is it Possible We Do Not Have to Be Sick, or at Least Not As Sick As We Currently Are? © (See Disclaimer Below)

  • Increasing numbers of MD’s and other health care practitioners, currently today, use “REAL Food as Medicine” & other lifestyle enhancements as the Primary Treatments to successfully cure, slow down, reverse, and/or reduce the severity of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, depression, early stage prostate cancer, learning disabilities, schizophrenia, and more.

  • Our Vibrant Health & Aliveness is Intricately Connected to Our Eating *Real *Nourishing, Sustainably Grown, Humanely Raised, Healthy Whole *Foods.

  • Past suffering from disease and illness does not necessarily have to predict our future.

  • What is Healthy for Us, is also Healthy for the Soil,  for the Earth, and for All Living Creatures. 

For more go to:  Is It Possible We Do Not Have To Be Sick?© 


Won’t You Join Us in becoming
Strong by March 2018Join_Us_Button

Disclaimer – Please Note: None of the above information is intended to diagnose or prescribe treatment of disease. All is intended to be a reporting of what various medical doctors, health care practitioners, researchers & I have experienced in treating their patients. Please check with your medical doctor or health care practitioner before embarking on any dietary changes. Do not stop any medications you are currently taking without working with a medical doctor, naturopath or other qualified health care practitioner. For a listing of medical doctors and other health care practitioners that use food & medicine & other lifestyle enhancements to treat serious illnesses & conditions, using pharmaceuticals only when necessary, please consult the “Institute for Functional Medicine” web site or your naturopath. This is not an inclusive listing of all health care practitioners that practice in this way but it is a start. Also see the web site links in our resources section.